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Customer Service
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


"What's my subscription number?"
"What's this charge on my statement?"
If you signed up with CCBill, you can find this information, along with cancel account pages and many other relating to your account at the Ibill customer assistance page:

Hey, I just signed up and my username/password combination doesn't work anymore! What's going on?
If you are a member all you have to do is enter your subscription ID# here

I Forgot my ID#!
If, for some reason you've misplaced your Subscription ID# you can find
it with this helpfull form

How Do I Cancel my Membership?
If you wish to no longer be a member of Somadoll, simply enter your subscription ID# that you receieved in your signup confirmation and your membeship will be canceled immediately.

Do you offer short trial subscriptions?
Currently we offer a 3 day trial for the low price of $9.95. This is the most aforadble and lowest cost option for access to Somadoll. We have tried to place our services within a resonable price range so you will return for our frequent updates.

The Pictures

How come you censor the anime pics?
Much of the hentai that we display is original uncensored content, but some series that we offer have come from eastern areas where frontal nudity is illegal. You can read more about it at the

The SomaVision Cyberbabe Games

How do I get the games to work?
First of all you need a java compatable brouser (check under system requirements) and the latest version of shockwave player - both are available for free..

Why don't the cyberbabes (insert request here)
We are continualy updating the babes to make them more versitle and tactile to respond your requests, we focus on unlimited options other than advanced 3D technology (currently) in order that all computer systems will have access to play the game. We love to get new input from our users on what they want to see so keep it coming.