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Sex Station 7™: The first ever Adult First Person Shooter (FPS) for the PC

A new technology revolution brings adult gaming to a new a unprecedented level. "We hope to push the boundaries of what is expected from a FPS," according to Martin Booker, PR Director of Somavision Digital, the digital adult games studio behind Sex Station 7. "There has been little progress in the world of adult video games with regard to design and advancement of story elements, we hope to change that.”

Using some of the gaming industries top talent Somavision has assembled a team of top industry talent to bring their perverse vision of the future to the PC. Some members have even worked on high profile games such as Dreamworks Interactive and EA games popular "Medal of Honor" franchise. "The staff that has been pulled together for this game are top notch talent", says Booker who boasts that his production carries over 30 years of combined industry experience.

What proves to be the end result of this combined effort is a gaming experience like no other. Part sexploitation flick, part interactive mystery, each game is designed to unravel like a finely crafted thriller. We strive to give the player a complete experience both with original game play featuring our all original nude babes and DVD quality cinematic movies which reward to player for their progress through our story.

Sex Station 7 establishes a totally new and unique content delivery system which offers users a completely different set of individually playable games in evolving chapters. Using this system, not only do the games change on a monthly basis, but users have access to several alternate adventures each month each which unique challenges.

Visit the website for more information, in-game product screenshots, and a free video demo of actual real-time game play.

About Somavision Digital Games.

Somavision Digital Games, founded in 1998, specializes in the development of cutting-edge interactive sex games and adult entertainment. In addition to Sex Station 7™, the company also operates which features their current releases and other adult FPS games currently in development.
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